Monday, July 18, 2016

THESE ARE PEOPLES LIVES!  Immediately add Leslie Jones to the list of people who should appear on Match Game (and any other game show**, really) whenever they want.  That was just batshit crazy and it kept deteriorating wonderfully all night now.

Also, Justin Long, Bellamy Young, and Al Yankovic are perfectly cromulent Pyramid players.  Well done, ABC.

** Look, I'm still not sure if Match Game is a game show, or a comedy show in game format. Work with me here.
HAIL TO THE CHIEF, HE'S THE ONE WE ALL SAY "HAIL" TO:  The WSJ ranks 44 fictional Presidents based on their accomplishments, and as usual Jed Bartlet is too high because you don't lie about a debilitating illness, assassinate a foreign leader, or trade away a Supreme Court seat just because you're convinced the court was at its best when Brady was fighting Ashland.

Underrated: Fitz.  Unlisted: Jack Stanton. What a handshake.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

"I WISH I WAS OUT OF SHOW BUSINESS THIS VERY MINUTE":  I never knew about the chaotic night in 1991 when The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson invited Morrissey onto American television for the first time.  (Also on the show: a certain pudding-pop-promoting serial rapist.)