Friday, November 13, 2015

I WILL NEVER BE SATISFIED UNTIL THEY DO THIS EPISODE:The Mindy Project (which I'll admit to not having watched this season of yet because of the move to Hulu), nearly did a storyline involving a Hamilton Playbill becoming a valued status symbol.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

I FEEL AN AWAKENING, BUT NOT UNTIL DECEMBER 17:  How serious is Disney about avoiding Force Awakens spoilers leaking?  So serious that they're refusing to screen the film for groups with early awards deadlines, which include the National Board of Review, New York and LA Film Critics Circles, and Screen Actors Guild.  As the article notes, the movie probably wasn't going to be a major contender in any of those groups' awards, since they don't have a ton of technical awards, but it's an unusual decision.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

CLEAR EYES, FULL HEARTS, CAN'T CAST: As part of Vulture's high school TV showdown (which will pit My So-Called Life against either Buffy or Friday Night Lights in the final on Friday), they have a great piece up on the challenges of casting actors for these sorts of shows, revealing three"almosts" that I hadn't heard of before:
  • Taylor Kinney (now known for Chicago Fire and being Lady Gaga's significant other) was originally cast as Tim Riggins.
  •  Emma Stone nearly got cast as Julie Taylor, but they decided that she read too old for the part.
  • Chris Pine was seriously considered to play "Young Christopher" on Gilmore Girls (presumably in the notorious flashback episode).
CUT OFF YOUR SLAUSON:  We of the Northeast Corridor don't refer to driving on "the 95," "the 76," etc., so linguistically, what's up with California?
VOTING SHALL BE BASED UPON THE PLAYER'S RECORD, PLAYING ABILITY, INTEGRITY, SPORTSMANSHIP, CHARACTER, AND CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE TEAM(S) ON WHICH THE PLAYER PLAYED: The National Baseball Hall of Fame has released its new ballot for modern players. It has fifteen new names, including Ken Griffey Jr. and Trevor Hoffman, and seventeen returning players. And voters only get to select ten of them.

I have set up a Doodle poll for the ALOTT5MA community to vote. All the stats are here. Please vote for no more than ten names, because that's what the BBWAA does, remembering that anyone who falls below 5% will be dropped from next year's ballot, so vote strategically if you must. I have long believed that players accused/admitted of PED usage should be voted into the Hall if their accomplishments so merit, and with their Hall plaques "teaching the controversy" where appropriate. My 2016 ballot reflects this. with players new to the ballot noted with an asterisk:
Bagwell, Bonds, Clemens, Edmonds*, Griffey*, Hoffman*, Mussina, Piazza, Raines, Schilling.
It is impossible to limit yourself to ten votes and not vote strategically -- there were at least 13 names under consideration for me. Last year, I left off Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens off the ballot, out of a belief they weren't going to be inducted last year regardless because of the controversy, but ... come on, they belong in, and with more room to do so, I'm doing it.

I took out Jeff Kent from past ballots because it's plainly not going to happen anytime soon, and skipped Sheffield and Martinez as well. McGwire, too, for that matter, and it is his last year of eligibility, but I know that vote would be wasted. I don't think I need to explain my repeated votes for Bagwell, Mussina, Piazza, Raines, or Schilling here; we've done it in the past (see below). which leaves the three men new to my ballot:

Ken Griffey Jr. is as obvious a first-ballot HOFer as they are. Nothing more need be said. And whether he's first-ballot or not, if any closers not named Mariano Rivera are allowed in the Hall, then Trevor Hoffman's longevity and dominance ought to put him in.

Jim Edmonds is my final vote. I'm not saying I'm sure he belongs in, and he certainly didn't get the in-career recognition that guarantees induction, but I'm sure he deserves to have years of future consideration. Nearly 400 HRs and outstanding defense in center field? As Rob Neyer notes, "His WAR places him in the same neighborhood as Hall of Famers Andre Dawson, Dave Winfield, Richie Ashburn, Billy Williams, Zack Wheat and Willie Stargell. Then again, that simply places Edmonds in the same category as Kenny Lofton, Dwight Evans and Reggie Smith, outstanding outfielders who simply didn't do enough things that Hall of Fame voters appreciate. Maybe these guys can form a little club, and invite Lou Whitaker."

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