Friday, November 28, 2014

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

WELCOME TO NEW YORK: Taylor Swift received two write-in votes for Governor of New York.  Other candidates receiving votes included Howard Stern, Stephen Colbert, Beyonce, Derek Jeter, Jason Kidd, Leslie Knope, Serial host Sarah Koenig, Stephenie Meyer, C. Montgomery Burns, Mick Foley, and Joe Quimby.

Monday, November 24, 2014

VOTING SHALL BE BASED UPON THE PLAYER'S RECORD, PLAYING ABILITY, INTEGRITY, SPORTSMANSHIP, CHARACTER, AND CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE TEAM(S) ON WHICH THE PLAYER PLAYED: The National Baseball Hall of Fame has released its new ballot for modern players. Its thirty-four names are hella impressive, between the new names (Pedro, Unit, Smoltz, Sheffield) and the holdovers from past ballots (Bagwell, Biggio, Mussina, Schilling, and PEDers). And voters only get to select ten of them.

I have set up a Doodle poll for the ALOTT5MA community to vote. Please vote for no more than ten names, because that's what the BBWAA does, remembering that anyone who falls below 5% will be dropped from next year's ballot, so vote strategically if you must. I have long believed that players accused/admitted of PED usage should be voted into the Hall if their accomplishments so merit, and with their Hall plaques "teaching the controversy" where appropriate. My 2015 ballot reflects this:
Bagwell, Biggio, Johnson, Kent, P Martinez, Mussina, Piazza, Raines, Schilling, Smoltz.
It is impossible to limit yourself to ten votes and not vote strategically. In my case, that again meant leaving the eminently-worthy (with an asterisk) Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens off the ballot, out of a belief they weren't going to be inducted this year regardless. This made room for my continued votes for Kent, Mussina, Raines, and Schilling, to ensure each receives due consideration both this year and going forward. I could have easily added Sheffield or Edgar Martinez to my ballot as well.

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A LESS LONG TIME AGO, IN A GALAXY FAR, FAR, AWAY:  Want to see the first trailer for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens?  Rather than attaching it to a specific movie, it'll make its debut before all movies starting next Friday at 8 Regal theatres spread throughout the US.  Of course, I fully expect this'll be little more than a teaser with a hint of new footage.  Related--the Pitch Perfect 2 trailer is actually much more impressive in a big theatre with a multi-track sound system, where you can hear the effort that's gone into the arrangement and mixing of "Cups."

ETA:  The trailer is apparently 88 seconds, per an adorable handwritten note from JJ Abrams posted on Twitter.  As noted, it'll be attached to everything at those theatres, so you don't have to go see The Penguins of Madagascar unless you really want to.