Wednesday, August 3, 2016

PLUNGE FOR DISTANCE, DENIED:  Following up from our June 2015 post, IOC sportocrats have added for the 2020 Tokyo Summer Games the sports of skateboarding, surfing, "climbing," karate, and baseball/softball. (Squash, bowling, and wushu: denied.)

I renew my request that the modern pentathlon be reformed to include the five disciplines essential to Back to the Future: skateboarding, running, boxing, guitar-playing, and auto racing.
THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE:  It's apparently National Watermelon Day.  Which pop cultural watermelon is more important:  the one Baby carried or "watermelon to the face?"

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

REACTIVATE THE UNNECESSARY REBOOTS BOT:  Steven Bochco wants to reboot L.A. Law.  With Good Wife having ended, there's not a good network show set in a law firm (as opposed to a DA's office) running, and Suits is about it on the cable side, and I think there's potential here--kick it off with McKenzie dying (a la Chaney's death in the original pilot), and Brackman finding it uncomfortable as the firm's central figure.
REMEMBER THE SUSSUDIO:  Spotted in San Antonio:

Our prior Phil Collins/Alamo coverage.