Saturday, August 16, 2014

EGOT WATCH:  Lin-Manuel Miranda did win Emmy tonight for co-writing the opening number to the 2013 Tony Awards. All he needs now is the O, and this Wesleyan grad is only 34 years old ...

Added: Also awarded last night were first Emmys to Bob Newhart (guest, BBT), Harry Shearer (voices, The Simpsons), Joe Morton (Papa Pope!) and Bill Simmons (exec producer, 30 for 30 shorts), as well as the award for Best Writing for a Comedy/Variety series (Colbert Report), which means no montage of nominated writers next Monday.  And yes, the Between Two Ferns with Barack Obama did win an Emmy, but since the award goes to the producers it means that POTUS is not, in fact, himself halfway to EGOT.

Friday, August 15, 2014

OR A BAD TITLE, EVEN?  THAT COULD KILL A SHOW PRETTY GOOD: Even though it grossed nearly $100 million domestically and got solid reviews, Edge of Tomorrow was viewed as an under-performer.  So, apparently, it's being retitled for home media as Live,  Die, Repeat  (which was the tagline used to promote the movie).  Unclear if this is just a packaging/promotional thing, or if the actual titles in the film are being changed as well.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

ON THE OTHER HAND, DANCING BABY GROOT:  Slate argues that the packaging of the Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack as "Awesome Mix: Volume 1" is inconsistent with the film.  (And yes, Tuesday night, I did score 15/16 points on an "identify the title and artist of songs from the Awesome Mix from a short clip" round at trivia--missing only the title of the Bowie song.)
SEE, THE RAGGED TIGER IS A SYMBOL:  David Lynch directed a Duran Duran concert film, which will be a special event in movie theaters before a home media release this fall.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

HULK HANDS TROPHY, BACK UP FOR GRABS:  There is a vacancy in the ALOTT5MA fantasy football league, last won by Jeff Mandell (the third straight #6 seed to win), which will be drafting for our sixth season next Monday night, August 18, at 9pm EDT, in auction format.

If you are interested, make your case in the comments, and we'll arbitrarily pick someone.
EVERYWHERE YOU TURN IS HEARTACHE: Did you realize that the late Lauren Bacall won the "Vogue" tontine ten years ago? (Also, that the former Betty Joan Perske was Shimon Peres' first cousin?)

Monday, August 11, 2014

NO LAUGHING MATTER: The Marin County sheriff's department is reporting that actor/comedian Robin Williams was found dead in his home earlier today, with early indications of "suicide due to asphyxia."  Williams had struggled with addiction and depression for much of his life.

ETA:  Williams' publicist has issued a statement confirming.
ALSO WOULD HAVE WON "BEST DERRIERE" IN 1978: So Donald Sutherland won Best Villain at last night's Teen Choice Awards (he also have two Golden Globes and an Emmy), and I couldn't help but wonder: had they started the Teen Choice Awards before 1999, what might the field in some of the award categories have looked like?

For example: 1984, Best Movie Villain—F. Murray Abraham (Amadeus), Morris Day (Purple Rain), Ted McGinley (Revenge of the Nerds), Billy Zabka (Karate Kid), or the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man? (That year's Choice Music: Electronic Dance Music Artist would have been Harold Faltermeyer, of course.)

Your turn.
FOR TRACY JORDAN, IT'S JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER WEEK:  It's Shark Week!  How are you celebrating?