Monday, June 30, 2003

ICE TO SEE YOU: In a world where more Gen X'ers (we still exist, right?) quote Rainer Wolfcastle than Arnold Schwarzenegger, what's the point of a third Terminator movie? The NYT's Tony Scott gets the inexplicably early head start on the competition:
I won't give away the ending. But even if I did, it wouldn't be the end of the world. For all the hype and the inevitable (and most likely short-term) box office bonanza, "Terminator 3" is essentially a B movie, content to be loud, dumb and obvious, and to leave the Great Ideas to bona fide public intellectuals like Keanu Reeves and the Hulk. Mr. Schwarzenegger, whose main contribution to American culture has been inspiring wicked parodies on "Saturday Night Live" and "The Simpsons," acts (if you can call it that) with his usual leaden whimsy, manifesting the gift for uttering hard-to-forget, meaningless catchphrases that is most likely the wellspring of his blossoming reported desire to seek elective office in California.

If you need more, it's here.

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