Saturday, September 10, 2005

IT'S ALL A BIG MESS: If it's time for the fall tv season, it's time to turn to the WaPo's Tom Shales, a wise and bitter man. On Fox's "The War At Home", which debuts Sunday:
Michael Rapaport is the once-likable actor who, apparently having decided it's a waste of time waiting around for a good script or a respectable vehicle, accepted the starring role of Dave, a persistently mewling dirty-minded reactionary . . .

This isn't sick comedy, it's just sickening. Indeed, though the TV season won't start for a week, "The War at Home" stands a good chance of being the worst of all the new sitcoms. The problem is not just that it's crude and gross, but that its crudeness and grossness are so pathetically forced and contrived. Its vulgarity has no integrity.

I believe a bar has been set. Follow Shales during the season via this link.

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