Saturday, September 10, 2005

THE ONLY THING MISSING IS THE AMAZING BATHMAT: For those of you looking either for a way to recreate some personal Race magic, or just looking for a way to combine high culture, low culture, and running around like a maniac, I strongly reccomend the fine folks at Watson Adventures. I participated in this evening's Met Madness Scavenger Hunt, in which 5 teams (some made up of long-time friends, others, like mine, made up of complete strangers) fought to answer questions about various obscure items in the museum in two hours. There's the excitement of figuring out the frequently brilliant clues, the panic as you realize time is running low (34 questions, spread throughout the Met, in two hours, requires a lot of hustle), and the surprise of discovering corners of the Met you didn't know existed--heck, I didn't know about the furniture section.

They run hunts for both parents and kids, and several hunts that are steadfastly "adult" in nature, covering both indoor and outdoor landmarks (their Sex and The City hunt is apparently quite popular). If you're looking for a quick, fun, and relatively inexpensive ($30, including museum admission, ordinarily $15) way to get some culture, this is it.

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