Sunday, February 26, 2006

ARRIVEDERCI! Alright, folks, the last medals have been claimed, so this thread now exists to review the highlights and lowlights of these games as well as liveblog the Closing Ceremonies.

If 2002 was the year of That Wacky Pairs Judging, I think 2006 will mostly be remembered for the fact that Jacobellis Screwed Up, if only because so much of the major events were underwhelming (hockey, Bode) or went mostly according to plan (figure skating). You will longer remember that Slutskaya and Cohen didn't win ladies' figure skating than you'll remember who did -- and 2006 Worlds are in Calgary in a month.

I'm always a fan of Olympic closing ceremonies because of the segment in which the next host city (in this case Vancouver 2010) gets to introduce itself to the world and start making with the symbolism and all. If you were planning on behalf of Canada, what would you be emphasizing? (My call: Leonard Cohen, Atom Egoyan, Nelly Furtado, and as many Mounties as you can fit into the building.)

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