Wednesday, March 1, 2006

DON'T FALL AWAY AND LEAVE ME TO MYSELF: Ok, so really, tonight's AI was more or less a one man show. I say more or less because I actually felt that there were two performances that rose above the level of "random guy on TV covering someone else's song": the obvious one was Daughtry, but there was a less obvious one as well: Gedeon. I am continually amazed at the stage presence Gedeon -- who I was initially predisposed to dislike -- brings to the party. And he's 17! Unlike that passel of other teenagers (Kevin, Will, and David), who always seem like guys headlining their church choir (Kevin), summer camp talent show (Will), or high school production of Guys and Dolls (David), he's got a comfort level about him that is extremely unusual in this season's crop of guys. But really, no matter how much I enjoyed Gedeon's "Change Is Gonna Come," tonight was all about Chris Daughtry.

As for the non-teenager non-Daughtry boys: I still don't get the Elliott love from the judges (can everybody please, please stop picking Stevie Wonder songs? Please?), Taylor was unusually blah, Sway didn't do enough to distance himself from last week's falsetto extravaganza (please, no more Stevie, please?), Ace needs to stop acting like a nervous teenager and remember that he's the hottest guy in the history of American Idol, and Bucky -- well, I feel for Bucky, but he's ultimately going to be steamrolled by the Chris Daughtry express.

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