Friday, February 3, 2006

BECAUSE THE SEASON-ENDING BIG GAME IN DETROIT INVOLVING TWO FOOTBALL TEAMS IS COMING SOON: I think it's time for us to make our predictions public for Sunday night's Seattle-Pittsburgh XL showdown.

My co-bloggers and all our readers are invited to show up in the comments and make four predictions:
  1. Final score.
  2. Super Bowl Official Game MVP. (Whoops! Almost violated the copyright.)
  3. Company responsible for the commercial receiving the highest rating in Monday's USA Today Ad Meter survey.
  4. Name the three songs that the Rolling Stones will play during the halftime show.

Here's mine: Seattle 27-17; Darrell Jackson (140y, 2tds); Anheuser-Busch; and Start Me Up/Honky Tonk Woman/Jumpin' Jack Flash.

Step up. Closest on all four receives Fame and Glory Forever.

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