Thursday, February 2, 2006

NO, SPACEWOMAN, I'M NOT GETTING ANY IDEAS: Here's the story. Motorist (a man, if you care) pulls to a stop in a Toronto neighborhood, opens his door, and tosses out half a fast-food lunch. Local cyclist (a woman, if you care, with a particularly keen dislike for litter) opens the door back up and throws the food back in. Motorist loses his mind, gets out of car, throws coffee on cyclist, and stomps on her back wheel (causing her to fall into his car). They altercate. Somewhere in here, Cyclist also scratches Motorist's car (not clear whether this is intentional or accidental). Photographer captures the moment. Maria Bello look-alike startles kinetically.

Me, I go to sleep at night fantasizing about throwing litter back. Since I'm in the minority everywhere else (look vaguely foreigh; vote Democrat; dislike American Idol finalists; think Seattle will win Super Bowl XL), most of you probably are on the side of Crazy Assaulting Motorist, right?

By the way, an ALOTT5MA PSA for smokers: throwing your cigarette butt on the ground actually is littering.

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