Friday, February 3, 2006

SIX BLOCKS AWAY, HE CAN HEAR HER HEARTBEAT LOUD AND CLEAR: I suspect that many of you have encountered the following problem. I am wondering if anyone has come up with a simple way to fix this. Let's say you create a song list in iTunes and export it to your iPod. Occasionally I encounter the not so pleasant phenomenon of having one song be much louder (or softer) than the song before it. When you are wearing headphones, especially the standard "in ear" headphones that come with an iPod, the contrast can be painful.

For example, Lucinda Williams' brilliant "Six Blocks Away" must be 20 decibels louder than Jorma Kaukonen's transcendent version of "Red River Blues". If I am burning the song list to a CD, I have found a nice way of dealing with the problem -- a free software progam called "Audiograbber" which can equalize the volume so each song on the CD is approximately as loud as all the others. But I am not aware of an easy way to do this when you export the song list to an iPod, short of the semi-laborious process of using the "song info -- volume" feature to make a rough adjustment to each song's volume.

Does anyone else know of an easy way to deal with this problem?

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