Sunday, April 2, 2006

DON'T YOU KNOW IT'S JUST FASHION? Interesting meta-reality talk in a live chat with Tim Gunn about why Project Runway 2's fashions may not have been on the same level as what Austin, Jay and Kara produced in the debut season:
Washington, D.C.: Tim - I am among the ranks of those that love the show and you. My question is 'Where is andre?' Seriously though, I honestly felt like the runway show of season 1 (particularly Kara Saun and Jay) were far and beyond superior to the designers of season 2. The outfits felt more complete, more highly stylized - more runway! Do you agree? And did the show encourage season 2 designers to make the clothes less runway and more wearable?

Tim Gunn: Thank you for this interesting and provocative question. I believe that the season two designers are stronger than season one's as a whole. I also believe that the absence of immunity in season two removed the incentive to win the individual challenges. The designers just wanted to be IN, so risk-taking was seen as being just that, a RISK.

I mean, he's right, right? About the immunity issue, at least. (I don't think that anyone other than Daniel V. could've really competed with last year's top three, do you?) Shows need to reward good work -- Survivor does it with immunity, TAR with early departures on the next leg and occasional added prizes -- but Runway didn't this year, and neither does Idol. Should American Idol introduce an immunity factor? Top Model? Should Runway bring it back?

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