Friday, April 7, 2006

REALLY, NOT ONE ANTHONY MICHAEL HALL SELECTION? Ryan Stewart from the Boston Phoenix has attempted to list "which SNLers did the best after leaving the NBC womb (or while they were still on the show), which ones fared the worst, and which ones have reached both ends of the spectrum". Though he limited himself to one "best" and one "worst" role per performer, here's a few SNLers whose "bests" were missed:
  • Ben Stiller, Flirting With Disaster. Let's not forget he was briefly on the show; let's also not forget there was a time when we weren't completely sick of him.
  • Billy Crystal, When Harry Met Sally. Speaking of which . . .
  • Robert Downey Jr., Black and White. So many to choose from for him. Less Than Zero was contemporaneous with his SNL stay; I know Chaplin was supposed to be good, but I never saw it. So I'll take the one with the Mike Tyson scene that you'll never believe if I just describe it to you.
  • Michael McKean, Best In Show: we all liked it, right?
  • Gilbert Gottfried, The Aristocrats: If you're going to list Sarah Silverman, how about the guy who told the joke the best? Also, Aladdin.
  • Joe Piscopo, Johnny Dangerously: My mother let me see that movie once. Once.
  • Jay Mohr, Jerry Maguire: Bob Sugar was a perfect use of Mohr's smarmitude.
It's a long weekend. Have fun with the list in any way you see fit.

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