Tuesday, August 29, 2006

DILANA, THE GLASS TIGRESS: So rather than make everyone go twice, RockStar padded it this week. That said, a much better group of performances than the past few weeks. Much. My rankings:
  1. Toby, "Rebel Yell". Just a great performance. Tremendous energy, great job working the crowd the whole time.
  2. Magni, "I Alone". So in his wheelhouse.
  3. Storm, "Bring Me To Life". How do you perform a song that two (eliminated) others already have? By singing it better than them, but conveying the emotions right, and by bringing up Toby for the backing vocals. Great energy.
  4. Ryan, "Clocks". Pulled out everything in his bag of tricks, but they felt like tricks, not authentic emotions.
  5. Dilana, "Mother Mother". Saddled with a bad song, and all the intensity felt forced. The bloom is off the rose, and a Dilana who no longer scares me just isn't that interesting. (And yet, Navarro loved it.)
  6. Lukas, "Lithium". Just a weird arrangement that didn't connect emotionally to the lyrics. I no longer get Lukas, and certainly not as a match for this band.
This will be an interesting elimination week, to be sure. No one sucked.

edited to add: Sepinwall is worried about Storm being eliminated, and liked Dilana more than I did.

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