Monday, August 28, 2006

IMAGE IS NOTHING: I was absolutely mesmerized by the second-set tiebreaker in Andre Agassi's potentially last tennis match -- just thrilling, tense stuff. We're now tied up as the third set begins, and if you're anywhere near a tv set and you're reading around when I'm posting this, just turn on the USA Network right now.

It's hard to think of an athlete who's made such a transformation in the public eye from mocked to beloved over the course of his career. There are examples in the reverse -- Sammy Sosa comes to mind -- but I just can't think of anyone whose career started with such scorn ("a longhaired pretty boy asshead who kept telling us how badass he was in a fashion that was about as threatening as Richard Simmons", writes Deadspin) and ended up so embraced. You?

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