Wednesday, August 30, 2006

WHETHER YOU'RE GUILTY OR INNOCENT IS DETERMINED BY A 30 SECOND SOUND BITE ON CNN: While Rock Star and Runway have their threads, given the demographics of this blog (a lot of people in law-related professions who love them some SpyDaddy), I figure a thread to discuss Justice is in order. I'm not sold on a show that's a strange cocktail of CSI, House, and Boston Legal, especially since Garber, unlike Laurie and Spader, isn't being given a lot to work with in terms of his subordinate characters (Kerr Smith? Seriously?), and the "we'll show you what really happened" twist was used on Fox's short-lived The Jury.

That said, Garber does get to sink his teeth into a character, and points for an all-too-realistic scene in which nameless and faceless associates must review tens of thousands of pages of discovery in a short period, but Bruckheimer's style can grate as much as it intrigues (swooping-elevator-cam!, high-tech re-enactment in slo-mo!). Since Lost doesn't premiere till the first week of October, I'll give it another episode or two, especially since previews indicate that Amanda Seyfried plays next week's client.

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