Tuesday, September 5, 2006

YOU THINK YOU'RE THE ONLY ONE WHO EVER MADE A MISTAKE? Was I the only one who stayed tuned after House to check out Standoff? While the opening sequence was good, I felt like the show worked when it was playing romantic comedy and was formulaic and bland when we moved into "tense hostage negotiation" mode. That said, Ron Livingston's delivery of "what?" right before we cut to credits makes me wonder why he can't get a better show, and he and Rosemarie DeWitt (granddaughter of Jim Braddock!) have solid chemistry. Also, credit for not showing us the paintball match, and trusting the audience enough to get the joke when we see Livingston wander in to the next scene with three splotches on his shirt. Major boo points are awarded, though, for wasting of Gina Torres, who should be kicking people's asses, not stuck behind a desk.

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