Thursday, October 12, 2006

THE DELUSIONAL BITCH IS DEAD. LONG LIVE THE DELUSIONAL BITCH: All in all, a typically enjoyable episode of ANTM. I say typical, because we all know to expect: (a) backstabbing and overwrought self-esteem issues (incidentally, I would get a lot more worked up about fairly mild criticisms about Anchal's body if she didn't volunteer to go on a show where the point is to get judged on one's body, in the hope of getting a job in an industry where one's only responsibility literally is to look great; I mean, this isn't Apprentice, where that kind of judgment is weird and misplaced); (b) a wholly useless practicum (walk in heels on uneven paving stones with obstructed vision; walk a floating styrofoam runway; pose naked on a New York rooftop in February; contort yourself unnaturally); and (c) the producers' weekly attempt to make a bunch of pretty girls look hideous, so that Tyra can come across as the magical mother-figure who nurtures these ugly ducklings into swans who are almost, but not quite, as beautiful as Tyra used to be. I say enjoyable, because there were really good pictures this week (no thanks to you, Tyra), leading to a perfectly justifiable Tyjection. Assfashionation. Ethinmanation. Whatever you want to call it.

Also, for the record, when Melrose was celebrating Monique's ejection last week, I turned to Spacewoman and said "what's she so happy about? Now she's the hugest bitch in the house." I kind of like this turn of events.

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