Sunday, October 8, 2006

ELATION: I am one who is loath to turn athletic contests into moral ones -- sporting events are not really tests of character or tests of narrative; 99% of the time, they are tests of physical strength, speed, fitness and intelligence, and not moral strength or personal worth.

And then there's Dallas, and T f'n O.

Hoo boy, I can't remember a game at least since 4th and 26 that was as much fun as this one -- well-played, tense, with an incredibly energetic (and largely well-behaved) crowd. The Legend of Donovan F. McNabb has added another chapter with another MVP-level performance, a defense rose and demolished Drew Bledsoe (the second-largest statue in the stadium complex --next to Kate Smith's), and an ending was tacked on that we haven't seen in this town since a 1996 game in Dallas ended by a James Willis endzone interception lateralled to Troy Vincent for a 104-yard touchdown.

Tonight, we rejoice. Tomorrow too. Come, friends, let us exult in the lamentation of our enemies, and enjoy this one as long as we can.

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