Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I DON'T POINT OUT A RAT. I STEP ON HIM: But that's me. Laura, apparently, has a different M.O.

Aside from Project Runway's big "tune in next week..." dramalamadingdong, which, of course, was teased last week for maximum effect, what is there to discuss? Jeffrey, looking good. Uli as well. Laura (other than hitting the ethical panic button without the evidence to back it up), nice collection. Michael, we're worried around these parts that it's a little hoische.

Is Michael getting the come-from-behind edit? Is Jeffrey getting a martyr edit, or a disgrace edit? Is Laura right, for crying out loud? (I would be so completely pissed. Ye gods.) Is Uli a lock to win it all by virtue of her low profile and sensible avoidance of this week's scandalizing?

Doubtless many have already seen what there is to see of the collections on various parts of the interwebs, but whether you've got love, snark, spoilers, conspiracy theories, inside information or other dish please "bring it" -- as the kids say -- in the comments.

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