Tuesday, October 10, 2006

THE SEVENTIES HAD THE HUSTLE. WE HAVE THE FAKE LESBIAN DANCE: Despite the hugely inaccessible Keith plotline (at least to viewers like me who haven't seen the entirety of Season 2), tonight's episode of Veronica Mars was top notch stuff. The comedy aspects of the "Veronica goes undercover to investigate a sorority with an exceedingly surprising secret" (which reminded me in so many ways of the best aliases and wigs on Alias) served as a nice counterbalance to the exceedingly heavy rape mystery, and giving Wallace and Logan their own subplot winds up being fruitful, with a "political" story that manages to largely avoid taking sides or sermonizing. And you have to admire a mystery show that raises the question of whether exposing "wrong" is the right thing. Sure, I miss Dr. Hizzy, but this is fine fine stuff. (Bonus points for presence of Samm Levine and Dan Castellaneta.)

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