Wednesday, April 18, 2007

HE WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR LOVE, BUT I FEEL CONFIDENT THAT MR. ADAY WOULD NOT DO THAT: Following up on previous stories, including one of this blog's first entries in November 2002, Rabbi Fred Neulander is still in jail, his final state appeal being denied, and from more recent postings Meat Loaf, sadly, still can't sing. Also, Gov. Jon Corzine, first mentioned in this space for his rebuffed efforts to have the Senate honor Bruce Springsteen on the 30th anniversary of Born to Run, was going 91 mph at the time of his crash.

I completely forgot to do this yesterday, so let me just note that according to (reg req'd), your five-year-old [blogger] "is well past the temper tantrum stage (most of the time, at least). But he's not exactly obedient, either. In fact, he refuses to come in for dinner when you call him, ignores your requests to pick up his socks, and teasingly rolls the soccer ball around on the kitchen floor despite your rule against playing ball in the house." Rather than punish, we should "try to catch him being good and encourage him when he is. Remember, disciplining your kindergartner doesn't mean controlling him — it means teaching him to control himself." Also, if we see Duncan teasing others, "Although it upsets you to hear taunts escape your child's lips, keep your cool and resist the urge to cut him down to size. Remember, he's probably looking for a reaction."

And, finally, picking up on a story from four years ago today, I regret to inform you that global warming may have a deleterious effect on the ability of future native Alaskan generations to eat their muktuk.

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