Friday, April 20, 2007

YOU'D HAVE TO BE STUPID NOT TO FIND IT AFTER THE FIRST THREE CLUES: There's rampant disinterest in this season of Survivor, and I understand why. I haven't found it as boring as others, but I concede that until the last part of last night's episode, the highlights of this season were the hammock snapping with Boo in it and Michelle perkily tumbling sideways off the platform in the blindfold challenge. There haven't been challenge monsters like Tom and Ozzy, compelling story arcs like Stephenie and Bobby Jon's epic futility, lovably spastic contestants like Elisabeth, Bobby Jon, or Ian.

Last night's episode, however, demonstrated that even without great personalities or high drama, the editors sometimes can really bring it. Since it was so clear from the wonderful, chaotic pre-council scheming what was going to happen, the editors just focused on telling the hubristic story of spectacularly botched strategery through the faces of the participants themselves, and it was hilarious. It went immediately to my top three funniest Survivor moments, along with the first caller-and-blindfold challenge (after which Colby doused Jerri Manthey with a leftover bucket of water) and the first season's pre-merge tribal exchange program (Dr. Sean: "we have sticks at our camp too ... we don't eat 'em").

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