Sunday, April 15, 2007

HONG KONG, PHOOEY: Just a lame, lame leg as our TARstars go and racearoundtheworld. Even if you love airport intrigue, this was airport intrigue on what Manny Farber would call the "termite art" level, at least based on my understanding of the term from David Denby's review of Zodiac. Which would be great if the details mattered, but they really didn't.

Also, can we please have a fast-forward where multiple teams can compete at once? or, at least, one in which the skill involved is more advanced than "sit still"? I do give Charla credit for her work in this episode -- not an easy physical detour for her, yet she seemed to handle it deftly. Also, kudos to the sound effects editor on that scene.

But everything else about the episode? Sucked.

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