Thursday, May 17, 2007

#6: THE TIME I READ HIGH FIDELITY AND IT MADE ME WANT TO ORGANIZE MY FLASHBACKS BASED ON LISTS*: That's a gold-medal performance by Lost, I think. Decent marks for execution, and off-the-charts marks for degree of difficulty -- who possibly thought we could care about an episode with the twin whammies of (a) no new information in the flashback; and (b) hobbit-centrism. But they pulled it off, in part by replacing Charlie's whining and druggy petulance with cajones and maturity.

The other non-spoily thing that I liked about this episode, though, is that it dipped back into J.J. Abrams's bag of tricks for one of my favorites: the Tomb Raider homage. I'm not talking about the Jolie movie; I'm talking about the Eidos game. When Alias was at its action best, it was just a hot girl going left, run, right, shoot, roll, shimmy through the air duct, drop, jump, blow stuff up. The end of this episode was shot exactly like that, and even appropriated the dim red light on yellowed wall coloring and lighting from all of the Tomb Raider warehouse/hangar/villain's lair scenes. Loved it. I have my suspicions about whether this will all pay off in the finale, but this was great setup.

*Post title by Adam.

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