Monday, May 14, 2007

MUST SEE TV? We have an NBC fall schedule. A few things of note:
  • Bionic Woman does not get the 10 PM Monday slot, as was originally suspected, which instead goes to Journeyman, which sounds like The Time-Traveler's Wife crossed with a CBS procedural.
  • Heroes gets a spinoff--Heroes: Origins, which apparently will be six "single character" episodes, with voting on who will join the regular cast for Season 3--to fill gaps in the schedule.
  • Chuck, which sounds like a strange combination of Get Smart and Jake 2.0, gets on the schedule on Tuesdays.
  • Thursdays get a slight shuffle, with The Office and 30 Rock switching timeslots (thank God for the dual tuner TiVo, folks), and ER staying put.
  • Friday Night Lights gets moved to Fridays at 10, which has the plus of allowing more mature themes, but the minus of killing family viewing of the show.

For a network that has a lot of schedule problems, sure seems like they didn't take a whole lot of risks.

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