Friday, October 5, 2007

I WAS LIVING IN A DEVIL TOWN: Hey, do you have plans tonight? OF COURSE YOU DO. Tonight you're going to have a few friends over, and their names are Coach Taylor, Mrs. Coach, Julie, Saracen, Smash, Tyra, Lyla, Landry, Tim, Jason, Grandma Saracen, Buddy, Gail Stanwyck, Cougar Neighbor, Annoying Neighbor Son, Lesbian Mayor, Murderball, and Racist Coach. Clear schedule, full Tivo, CAN'T LOSE.

Because this show teeters on the edge of cancellation, I'm going to make two pledges this season. First, I am going to watch all of the commercials. You hear that, advertisers? I'm yours, even if it's John Mellencamp for Tamax Lightdays. Second, every week that this show is on, I'm going to use the soapbox that this blog provides to promote one of the products advertised on the show. How can an advertiser resist the allure of the free use of the ALOTT5MA marketing juggernaut?

Oh, and I know that the episode has been out on iTunes for a while and that there is some catastrophic development. Please don't spoil in the comments here -- I'm sure there will be another thread after the episode airs.

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