Friday, October 5, 2007

SNUGG(LY) LIFE: A month or two ago, I pointed you to video of Big Fred, an 8-foot tall Atlanta Falcons mascot, pecking the living hell out of peewee football players. Today I bring you video of Big Fred henchman Freddie Falcon over-enthusiastically smashing a cheerleader in the face with a birthday cake, allowing Big Fred to dry-hump the stunned cheerleader as a nightmarish bunny looks on (ETA: I didn't even notice Big Fred violently pecking the cheerleader's head at the end -- this only gets better and better). The Atlanta Falcons: Come for the Joey Harrington; stay for the Clockwork Orange halftime show!

Not to pick on Atlanta only, though. This violent gang of plushies has staked a claim to territory nationwide, and currently includes: Invaluable research tool: Deadspin

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