Friday, October 5, 2007

NEXT, THEY'LL BE ADDING VANESSA HUDGENS AS THE NEW GIRL: We clearly need a spoiler thread for FNL, so here one is. A few non-spoiler thoughts (though the comments are a free-for-all zone).
  • Was it just me, or did the whole of the opening sequence ring a bit High School Musical 2? I half expected a big musical number led by Julie and Matt and musing on how all the Panthers came to work at the same pool.
  • The re-edited credits sequence was clearly a "can we be a little less bleak" network note (shots of football replacing abandoned businesses and deserted oil fields), but why not fix part of the problem for the show and let viewers link names to faces, epsecially of the younger cast members?
  • Permission to smack upside the head whoever had the idea for the JC Penney halftime recap? I assume it will be granted.
  • Can we make Brad Leland (Buddy) a regular? I think he's been in every single episode, and he's always great.
  • Why can you only buy a Tim Riggins jersey from NBC? I'm sure there's a market for Matt Saracen and Smash Williams jerseys.
  • Coach and Julie in the car? Awesome.
  • The Tyra/Landry plotline? Well, that's for the comments.

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