Tuesday, March 4, 2008

EARL WARREN WASN'T A STRIPPER! Yay, time for our first real Idol competitor scandal of the year: David "Papa Was A Rolling Stone" Hernandez worked as a fully nude male stripper. And not "years ago," but as recently as last September at "Dick's Cabaret" before a mostly male clientele, two months after the Idol audition at which he won the Golden Ticket.

I thought the line between Frenchie Davis' ouster and Antonella Barba's remaining in the competition was that Davis was compensated for her adult photographs (which were previously disclosed to the producers), while Barba was not. If that's the case, even with no prurient photographs (and the odds of none ever surfacing are slim at best), consistency would dictate that Hernandez has to be removed from the competition, no?

(And replaced by Josiah the Street Urchin, of course.)

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