Thursday, March 6, 2008

THREEPEAT: In news that is exciting, but not as exciting as it was a year ago on account of a certain forgotten rapist-murder, NBC found a way to renew Friday Night Lights. NBC and DirecTV will cost-share the show, with DirecTV showing it first on one of its proprietary channels and then NBC getting rebroadcast rights. It's a good fit for John Malone's Liberty Media -- one of the few original-content things that DirecTV will air that neither is nature-porn nor has the word "bikini" in the title. And we get to find out what happens with Street and his baby mama; who ultimately wins the title of prettiest belle at the ball in the Tim, Lyla, and Logan triangle; how colleges react to "killed a man with an iron pipe" on the college essays; and, oh, yeah, whether the Panthers can win state with two (three?) losses already.

For all his loose talk, hasn't Ben Silverman done everything realistically possible to make you happy?

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