Monday, March 3, 2008

SCRATCHING AN ITCH: In The Wire's TV-season-as-novel structure, the last chapter is reserved, mostly, for denouement. That means that the climax comes in the penultimate episode (see, for example, the end of Bodie, Poot, and Wallace's childhoods; Stringer impatiently surrendering to Omar and Brother Mouzone; and Sobotka's fortunes changing in the few short steps from his car to the meet, as the Greek mutters to Vondas, "your way won't work"). This season's second-to-last episode, Late Editions, was right on cue. The first draft of this post just read "shit, that was some powerful TV." We finally see the end of Season 4's middle-school boys, not that we didn't know, or just pretend not to know, exactly where each one was heading (though it was nice for the show to wave goodbye to Bunny and Naiman), as well as one or two other old friends. And all that's left is for principle to get in the way of police work, or vice-versa

Plus the arraignments. But of whom?

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