Saturday, September 27, 2008

ELEVEN MORE: As a Clutch Hits reader suggested, exactly ten years ago today the Phillies' double-play combo was Desi Relaford to Marlon Anderson (as a September call-up, starting for Mark Lewis) to Rico Brogna, a team that finished 31 games out of the lead and never tasted first place after mid-April. Oh, my, how times have changed, and we likely have the best-ever Phillie at each position right now starting for our second straight NL East Division Champions. Oh, and a freak of a 45-year-old on the hill ever fifth night.

[While the season isn't over for the Mets, Brewers, Twins and White Sox, Jayson Stark's year-in-review is online, including the genesis for the quote "You don't let Superman beat you when you have Wonder Woman on deck."]

Bob, Alex and I each have our reasons to be excited this October, and while this is not going to become a baseball blog, we certainly are going to be paying attention from time to time. Go Phightins!

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