Sunday, September 21, 2008

[EMMY OPEN THREAD]: Go for it. Gosh, Heidi Klum is tall. And Jeff Probst should never be in a role in which he is forced to wear pants.

e.t.a. Mini-recap: The hosts sucked, and then they were thankfully sent to Mandyville, which is apparently a strenuously nonpartisan place. We knew comedy was not Heidi Klum's thing, but it's not Howie Mandel's either. Tina Fey won everything she could -- which is fine -- on a night when way too much time was spent on formats that no one watches (made-for-tv movies and miniseries), and no time at all was spent on clips highlighting what was actually worth seeing on television last year. Really: if you had no idea what Mad Men was about before tonight or how it was about what it was about, would tonight have taught you anything?

Also, boo on showing a Necrology without broadcasting the audience response throughout -- how are we supposed to assess Hollywood's hierarchy of its recent dead without an accurate applause-o-meter? And, finally, congrats to HITG! All-Star Željko Ivanek, and our sympathy to ABC, which just spent three hours hyping other networks' best programming. (Other than the Sonnenfeld win for directing the Pushing Daisies pilot and Jean Smart for Samantha Who?, did ABC win anything during the show?)

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