Tuesday, September 2, 2008

FINALLY, A MEANS OF DISTINGUISHING BETWEEN THE 16 DIFFERENT ROCK STATIONS: Partway through my eleven hours of driving this weekend, I noticed that XM Radio has added a couple of single-artist stations to their rotation. In and of itself, this isn't so strange -- a channel of nothing but Bruce, for example, would have supplied me with perfect road trip music. My desire for constant Kenny Chesney (channel 18) and/or non-stop Metallica (channel 51), however, is significantly lower. In fact, it's almost impossible for me to come up with two single-artist channels I am less likely to listen to. (I totally missed the existence of channel 59 -- XM LED -- and thus presumably missed out on the extended dance mix of Stairway. Quel bummer.)

Edited to add: Adam has just informed me that Sirius has an all-Bruce channel. My car, however, only speaks XM.

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