Friday, September 5, 2008

LOOKING TO THE SKY TO SAVE ME, LOOKING FOR SIGNS OF LIFE:Having spent time in six different airports during the course of this week, ranging from the "so tiny, there's no real need for any services" (Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids) to the "large enough to be a small city where I could live for several months if need be" (DFW, O'Hare) to the "under incredible amount of construction, making everything in the airport highly inconvenient" (San Jose), I think it's time for a thread for best and worst airports to go through, get to, and transfer through. Personally, I'm fond of DFW, which has an abundance of good services inside security, making it perfect for a layover, and dislike those airports that turn post-security into a wasteland (LGA, certain terminals at EWR and JFK) or those that have very nice services outside security but much less so inside (Washington National).

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