Thursday, June 18, 2009

AND THEY ALL LOOK JUST THE SAME: As non-Showtime subscribers, Spacewoman and I lag about a season behind on Weeds, so we're just getting started on Season 4. Digging back in reminded me, though, that the show uses some awfully cool music. The most amusing thing about the soundtrack is the way that it gets different artists to do versions of the singsongy theme, Malvina Reynolds's "Little Boxes."

Since I always fast-forward through theme songs and the first season used only the Reynolds version, I assumed that was it. It wasn't until midway through Season 3, when Spacewoman was a laggard with the remote, when I heard the theme and went, "Hey, that's Laurie Berkner!" (She doubted it, as she usually does when I identify someone by voice, and as a side note it is time for Spacewoman to recognize that my greatest God-given talent is voice recognition.) And when you go back over the roster of artists who have performed "Little Boxes" for the show, both the breadth and the quality are impressive. Berkner, Elvis Costello, Engelbert Humperdink, the Decemberists, Regina Spektor, Joan Baez, the Shins, Randy Newman, Death Cab, Jenny Lewis, and the Submarines, among others? That's a regular Bonnaroo right there.

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