Thursday, June 18, 2009

THE EVIL ARE REWARDED, THE BLAMELESS ARE PUNISHED, AND THE RABBI GOES BLIND: In anticipation of this week's new release EW's Owen Gleiberman has ranked all of Woody Allen's films from #1 to #40.

On which were his rankings most off? I'd say his giddy-sweet musical Everyone Says I Love You -- at #29 when it should be near the top 10, and Crimes and Misdemeanors, even at #11 too low when I'd rank it as high as #3 or 4, my favorite of all his dramas. On the overrated side, the well-structured but rather simple Match Point was not better than 34 other Allen films (it's just better than most in the past decade or so), and I remember nothing from Small Time Crooks (#15) other than that it was nice to see Elaine May again. You?

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