Tuesday, June 16, 2009

.217/.254/.330: Am I still a fan during his slump? Of course. But Jimmy Rollins should not be the leading vote-getter at shortstop for the National League in the 2009 All-Star Game.

I'm totally fine with the argument that all-star voting should be based more on "who are the perennial stars that the fans want to see on the big stage?" -- Ichiro, for example, belongs in the game every year no matter what. I also and remain steadfast in my advocacy that each year, the Commissioner "should have the right to name a player to each squad who may not necessarily deserve the honor for this year, but who ought to be honored by Baseball Nation as a whole in this marquee event during the twilight of his career." [This year, for example, Randy Johnson ought to be on the NL roster, even if it means taking three Giants starting pitchers.]

In-season performance has to count for something, however, and Rollins' is so woeful that it'd be an embarrassment to have him starting in the game. But maybe I'm missing the national picture -- is Jimmy Rollins such a national star that he belongs in no matter what, or is he just the beneficiary of sell-out crowds in Philadelphia and fans not knowing who Hanley Ramirez is?

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