Monday, July 27, 2009

ALWAYS BE VICTORIOUS, ALL RISING: Alexis Cohen was a paradigmatic American Idol reject -- despite her obvious instability, producers twice made her the butt of their bad-audition shenanigans (full disclosure: I watch and enjoy those shenanigans). The first time around, she cursed them like a sailor would; the second, she showed some new-found serenity. She may not exactly have had the last laugh, but both the surprisingly positive attitude she adopted toward her second rejection and her good humor when her earlier rejection speech was turned into glorious musical Internet gold (which I blogged before, but I can't find it since the Blogger search button seems to be broken) at least earned her some of the respect that people like William Hung and SYTYCD's Sex don't merit.

I was therefore a little suprised to feel a faint quiver in the black hole where my heart should be when I read that Cohen was killed in a hit-and-run accident this weekend. It would be nice if Idol, which had a lot of fun at her expense, could find a quiet (read: not self-promotional) way to repay the debt.

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