Thursday, July 30, 2009

LEINIE'S RED! Really, Mr. President, you're drinking Bud Light -- a Belgian-owned crappy beer -- at today's Skipgate summit?

Surely there's an American beer you can offer that's not too obscure/elitist, but also doesn't suck. How about a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, or might we suggest an American pilsener for a hot summer day?

added: Heh. Dogfish Head wants in on the action. ("[W]e know what they should be drinking - fantastic beer from a great American craft brewery! There are thousands of great American craft breweries (more than 1400 of us at last count), and we'd love to see the President and his crew coming together over a craft beer. But whatver they end up drinking - one thing this whole brew-ha-ha has accomplished is getting the word out about American craft beer.") I still think the Chateau Jiahu is out.

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