Thursday, July 30, 2009

DON'T EVER FEEL BAD ABOUT BEING GOOD AT YOUR JOB: We're a little more than two weeks away from the start of Season 3 of Mad Men, and it seems that the Sterling Cooper publicity machine is firing on all cylinders. There are the publicity stills, which are wonderful on so many levels. Let me commend the way the pictures are shot to look as if they were shot in the 1960s but viewed now -- they're slightly grainy, with the undersaturated colors of 1960s prints, they're yellowed like something you might find in a box in your parents' attic, and they're either semi-candid or stiffly posed, as if taken by co-workers or family members. Also, Betty Draper looks like she's grown up a bit. That's the kind of attention to detail we expect of the Mad Men art department.

There's also the press tour, where Jon Hamm wanted to remind us that he doesn't see the world the way Don Draper does, and where the cast got to rub elbows with industry luminaries like Alan Sepinwall. And then there's AMC's site, where you can create a Mad Men cartoon avatar of yourself. What a cartoon computer icon has to do with Mad Men is beyond the point, I guess.

Incidentally, this is a good time to plug Sepinwall's and Fienberg's Twitter feeds of the TV press tour. As Alan points out, Twitter is perfect for the little moments of the press tour and largely replaces the tour blog that he used to write.

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