Tuesday, March 30, 2010

JUST NOT ROB AND AMBER AGAIN: Buried deep in Daniel Fienberg's amusingly post-Seder recap of a strong episode of Chuck -- much like I'm burying the point of this sentence here -- is a fun game. Fienberg, realizing that he would love to see Chuck's Jeff and Lester on The Amazing Race (Fienberg-suggested chyron: "co-workers/stalkers") muses on other fictional character pairings who he'd be thrilled to watch bald-snarking and killer-fatiguing their way all over the globe.

This is a great exercise. Who would you like to see? Dan and Casey? Kima and Bubbles? Sydney and Sloan? Alf and the Small Wonder robot? Help me out here.


  1. Heather K5:07 PM

    Barney and Lily!!!

  2. Rory and Lorelai--Mother/Daughter
    Abby and McGee--Forensic Analysts/Coworkers
    Mal and Kaylee--Captain and Crewmember
    Andy and Ephraim--Father/Son

  3. Bunk & McNulty (though they would probably find a bar on the 1st leg and be kicked out immediately)

  4. Pembleton and Bayliss
    Addison and Hayes

  5. Michelle5:38 PM

    Leonard and Sheldon
    Abed and Troy
    Josh and Donna (or Toby and anyone)

  6. Heather K5:46 PM

    Abby and McGee would kick ass!!  Also exs!

  7. Steph5:47 PM

    Going old-school since I was watching old episodes this week...Hanson and Penhall from 21 Jump Street.

  8. Matt Hunter5:47 PM

    Turk & JD
    Adam Savage & Jamie Hyneman

  9. Squid5:48 PM

    Hawkeye & Trapper John (Surgeons/Bons Vivants)

  10. calliekl5:49 PM

    House and WIlson (before this season I would've said House and Lucas, but now Lucas ig's me out, so no)
    WIllow and Tara
    Hurley and his Mom

  11. Maggie5:58 PM

    Jack Donaghy/Liz Lemon
    Ron F'ing Swanson/Andy
    Zach & Slater

  12. GracieGirl6:05 PM

    Mulder and Scully (Co-workers/Truth-seekers)
    Leslie Knope and Ron F'ing Swanson (Public Servants/Breakfast-lovers)
    Stefan and Fabio (Chefs/BFFs)
    Emerson Cod and Olive Snook (Crime Solvers/Fans of pie)
    Eric and Tammy Taylor (Married/Awesome)

  13. GracieGirl6:07 PM

    Love the Everwood team, Matt, but I think I'd rather see the Abbott boys on the race.  Harold and Bright take on the world!

  14. Or how about Harold Abbott/Andy Brown (Doctors/Quasi-In-Laws)?

  15. Tony and Carmella

  16. isaac_spaceman6:22 PM

    Wouldn't that be "bons vivant"?

  17. Adlai6:40 PM

    Goren and Eames.

  18. slowlylu6:41 PM

    I'd like to see Cat Deeley and Tim Gunn compete together in a cross reality programme cast. Or Adam Shankman and Tony Bourdain.

  19. bad dad8:15 PM

    Twofer & Lutz, only because Lutz would be killed HILARIOUSLY before the first leg was over.

  20. bill.8:22 PM

    Ken Jennings and Cliff Claven

  21. bill.8:23 PM

    Francis the talking mule and Greg the Bunny

  22. Meghan9:05 PM

    Benson and Carter

  23. bill.9:06 PM

    cliff clavin and Ken Jennings

    Mr. Ed and Greg the Bunny

  24. Heather K9:07 PM

    I think Jamie would murder Adam before the first couple of legs finished.

  25. Ross and Monica, because when they do things as siblings it is always terrible and wonderful.
    And I applaud the Sloane and Sydney idea.

  26. I wonder if Ross and Monica would consider winning the Amazing Race more or less of an honor than bringing home the Gellar Cup...

  27. Maggie10:18 PM

    Totally agree about Ross & Monica - the episode with their New Year's Eve dance is hilarious awkward and awesome all at the same time....

  28. Hannah Lee12:28 AM

    Totally sign me up for Dan and Casey.
    And I'd also like to see -
    Conan O'Brien & Jay Leno:  Comedian/Talk Show Host ...I'd like to see the gloves really come off when the tension builds during a navigation or "needle in a haystack" task
    Dana Scully & Kate Beckett...that would be a female team with a real chance at winning
    Alton Brown & Mike Holmes...how to reality guys put to the test, they could compete the same season as Cat Deeley and Tim Gunn

  29. Emily1:39 AM

    CJ and Sam could be fun, too.

  30. Kenny9:46 AM

    Locke (original recipe) and Ben

  31. Goghaway9:50 AM

    Those are some serious dream teams- and the quality of banter with Emerson and Olive would be AWESOME.

    I also remember someone online did one of these and came up with the brilliant idea of Dumbledore and Harry...Dumbledore takes Harry on the race, but won't tell him why.

  32. bella wilfer1:42 PM

    Zach & Slater FTW.

  33. Genevieve3:20 PM

    Dan and Casey would be the most fun, absolutely.  CJ/Josh, also (better yet, CJ/Annabeth).
    Others not yet suggested:
    Harriet the Spy and Janie
    Jo March and Laurie/Teddy Laurence
    The Ninth Doctor and Donna
    Rob Gordon and Laura (High Fidelity) would be more typical of the AR couples I wish would shut up

  34. Squid3:52 PM

    I looked it up, and the magic book said "bons vivants."  Looks wrong to me, too, but who am I to argue with the magic book?

  35. Kirk & Spock? Or Spock & Scotty?