Wednesday, March 31, 2010

YOUR APHASIA STRIKES A BARGAIN WITH THE BARTER YARDIE -- I GOT TO BOX YOU FOR THE MONEY: Here I was, saying the same thing about what I want from Lost all season, and then the last twenty minutes of this thing, I was going, "no, not that, not this way." I can't be pleased, you hear me? But in a good way.

Though I did like the flash-sideways. Everything was well set-up, and we got another nice reintroduction to a tertiary character (who just can't avoid the signature injury, no matter what reality he's in).


  1. Carmichael Harold7:31 AM

    As I'm apparently a complete sucker for this show, I really liked the episode, though more for specific moments (Jin looking at the pictures of his daughter, Jack and Sun on the beach at the end as well as the gorgeous shot of just Sun on the beach, etc.) than the overall narrative flow.  

    The one thing I'm worried about, is that Locke's plan with Kate is to have Claire kill her in front of Jack in order to convince Jack to (once again) try and undo what has happened by letting Locke leave the island.  I REALLY don't want the whole series to turn on Jack's love of Kate.

  2. @Carmichael I don't think it's spelled out quite that clearly. There's a lot of speculation in what you wrote, brotha

  3. Carmichael Harold9:01 AM

    Absolutely it's speculation.  I should have phrased it better to make clear that "I am worried that Locke's plan will be . . .".  Instead, I just threw in a random and unmotivated "," . 

  4. DESMOND!!!

    I also loved Jin looking at pictures of his daughter, Sawyer's annoyance with FakeLocke returning to the island unharmed, the differences in Sun and Jin's alt-reality story (not married yet, having an affair, apparently Sun really doesn't speak English).  I found the dart-attack by Widmore's people really annoying. Honestly, wouldn't it have been easier to grab him alone in the jungle since he was leaving anyway, than to attack a dozen people just to grab one?

  5. bella wilfer1:34 PM

    Sue - I thought Sun did actually speak English, she was just faking (in sideways-world I mean).

    Interested to see what the payoff is for her losing her English on the island.  Something more interesting than just "Hey, now Jin speaks English and Sun doesn't - ha ha!" I hope...

    This ep was deeply mediocre for me.  Only six episodes left - I sincerely hope that Lindelof's Twitter from last night (something about how after next week "the conversation will change") is correct...

  6. Charles Carmicheal1:42 PM

    Sayid goes all Navy SEAL,but his realization the Package is Desmond changes things. I thought I saw a flicker of feeling, which Sayid thought he lost, but I could be wrond

    and oh yeah, DES!

  7. At first I also thought Sun was faking, but then when things got serious, I thought she must not speak English. Would she really put hers and Jin's lives in danger by not being able to communicate with the men who came to her hotel room (and waiting for a translator) if she didn't have to?  I don't know. But I figured that in this reality, she didn't speak English.

  8. I just want to thank you for combining two of my favorite things: St. Louise is and Lost. No wonder I check in for ALOTTFMA updates 7 times a day.

  9. Jennifer4:57 PM

    She doesn't speak English in this reality because she never had the motivation (or possibly opportunity, we don't know if she's even met Jae Lee) to do so.