Friday, April 2, 2010

I KNOW I'M FUNNIER THAN DAT PHAN: Season 4 winner Vecepia Towery Robinson is pissed she's never been invited back to a Survivor all-star season.

The Mercury News article notes that she was named #2 on a random website's list of the worst reality tv winners ever (warning: slideshow!), and while they got #1 pretty much right, I have a feeling we might be able to improve upon the list. For instance: what about Project Runway 2's Chloe Dao, TAR 6's Freddy and Kendra, ANTM's Jaslene Gonzalez or, of course, Harlemm Lee? Your turn.


  1. Meghan8:38 AM

    Were fans spitting mad that Ilan won?  I was bummed Sam went out in the finals but, between Marcel and Ilan, I was an Ilan fan. 

    I don't watch much reality TV so it's hard for me to say.  But I feel like Ruben Studdard was a disappointment.

  2. Carrie10:33 AM

    Top Chef 5's Hosea, anyone?

  3. Marsha12:07 PM

    Top Chef Season 2 was annoying all the way around - as between Ilan and Marcel, I preferred Marcel, but mostly they were all so odious by the end that I just wanted them off my TV. Carrie is absolutely right that Hosea is the TC bad-winner-person.

    Anyone still watching Project Runway? I'm so bored this season. Dull contestants, dull challenges. Really? A red carpet dress for Heidi? Yawn!

  4. I still say the worst ANTM winner ever was Naima.  BO-RING.