Thursday, March 3, 2005

THE SAD THING IS THAT, INITIALLY, HE CAME TO WORK: There is a great article to be written about the career paths of forgotten winners of reality tv programs, like Last Comic Standing (is Dat Phan funny yet?), Project Greenlight (is Pete Jones working?), All-American Girl (does anyone even remember this show?), Are You Hot? and the like.

Said survey needs to start with the winner of Fame, one Harlemm Lee (or Gerry Woo), who writes on his website:

[A]s of now, I have yet to receive the bulk of the career-enhancing prizes promised to the winner (the "Fast Track to Fame" Prize Package, as it was announced weekly on the show). While I am still in the process of working to have the prizes delivered to me, I am very confused and flabbergasted at this state of affairs, and why it is taking so long to collect my winnings.

My biggest disappointment comes from having been denied the most basic resources needed for promotion, marketing, and distribution which would have enabled me to start a decent entertainment career. The meager and minimal efforts that have been put forth up until this point come across as purely cosmetic and symbolic gestures; it is very clear that there was never any true intent to reach meaningful marketing or promotional objectives which would have helped to establish my career. One need only look at the past year as evidence of this fact.

A year later, the damage is done. I have been completely invisible since winning FAME, and unable to capitalize from all my hard work and national exposure gained from the show. If it weren't for my unemployment checks and my year-long stay at the W Hotel (which I am very grateful for, but ends in August), I would be completely penniless and homeless.

I think it's safe to surmise that Mr. Lee no longer sings the body electric, and could probably use a hot lunch these days.

Note to self: don't trust Debbie Allen.

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