Saturday, April 24, 2010

DOPE SMOKERS ARE A BARGAIN: Matt Taibbi, of all people (yeah, I know), had an interesting think-piece on the NFL Draft in Men's Journal:
This is about as dark and freaky as our sanitized modern American mainstream culture ever openly admits to being. These are bloodless corporate enterprises using advanced scientific and economic metrics to measure the material worth of human flesh down to the half-pound, the 16th of an inch. Which would be horrifying and morally repulsive under normal circumstances, but when added to a strong rooting interest in your home team, can become for certain people one of those guilty pleasures you just can’t give up because you enjoy it so much....
All I know is that I don't feel nearly as good about having stowed away Justin Forsett on my dynasty league team as I did twelve hours ago.


  1. Taibbi has a thing for the NFL--he had a lengthy piece on "how Danny Snyder has screwed up the Redskins" in Rolling Stone a couple of months ago.  I assume the piece doesn't lead to one of his two current seemingly inevitable conclusions:

    1.  Goldman Sachs/bankers suck!
    2.  If we just legalized pot, every problem in the world would be solved.

    (And I say that as someone who owns his last book.)

  2. Having had Lendale White on my fantasy team last year, I don't think you'll have much to worry about.  What a stiff he was.  As a Cal grad, I hope that Carroll has the sense to realize that Forsett is his best option.  But then again, as a 49ers fan, maybe I don't after all...

    @Matt - you mean every problem WOULDN'T be solved?  Dang.

  3. Benner3:34 PM

    If we legalized it, would dope smokers still be a bargain?  

  4. as with most of what taibbi writes, his general ideas are interesting, but he just goes bananas with it. he assumes stupidity and evil everywhere, both at goldman sachs and in the front offices of nfl teams. does he really think that teams HAVEN'T thought about the ideas he wrote about? and i'm a raiders fan!