Wednesday, April 21, 2010

THAT PILOT WHO LOOKS LIKE HE STEPPED OFF THE SET OF A BURT REYNOLDS MOVIE: Normally by this time, you'd have something cogent and provocative from Isaac in this space regarding last night's Lost, but thanks to the gradual dissipation of Eyjafjallajökull ash you've got me instead. (Sorry.) And I don't have much to say about last night's "rearrange the chessboard" show other than it continues to confirm my thinking that in the alterna-world, Desmond is the new Jacob, nudging (or ramming his car into) people to drive each in the direction he or she needs to go for some greater purpose. As to what that purpose is, I'm all ears, and HitFix's Drew McWeeny has a theory you may find interesting.


  1. I was about to put a post up echoing the same sentiments, though I went with the headline of "Curse Your Sudden, Yet Inevitable, Betrayal." 

  2. Carmichael Harold11:30 AM

    I like the Desmond-as-Jacob's-analogue point a lot.  I don't, however, think I understand Drew McWeeny's theory (how can it be a loop, if the LA X timeline can't feed into the island timeline?).

  3. calliekl8:28 PM

    I've thought Des has seemed Jacob-y on the island as well, where he feels like he just knows whats going on.

    And YAY Sun and Jin reunion!!!